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There are definite signs that fish is fresh. Fresh fish should have a mild scent and moist flesh, and appear freshly cut. Don’t purchase fish that has a strong, fishy odor. Whole fish should have bright, bulging eyes and bright red or pink gills. Frozen fish should meet the fresh-smell test and have taut packaging with no evidence of ice or blood. Fresh fish is best used right away. Or, you can store it for up to two days in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Frozen fish will keep in its original wrapping, frozen at 0 degrees or lower, for up to 3 months.

e are several main criteria to follow in determining the freshness of live or defrosted fish. Read this article and prepare yourself for shopping.

The most important characteristic of a fish is its freshness – and the freshest fish is the one that has just been caught.

This article will guide you to be able to recognize characteristics of fresh fish and characteristic of not so fresh fish. It is very important to get yourself familiar with this so you will be able to buy good fish for your restaurant and to offer to your guests the best quality dishes at your place.

  1. The smell of fresh fish is specific to its origin (sea, lake, river, fish pond) and it is pleasant and neutral. Spoiled fish has an unpleasant, sharp smell of trimethylamine (bad fish) and rot.
  2. Eyes of fresh fish are bulging and shiny. Eyes of old fish are cloudy and sunken into the head.
  3. Gills and fins of fresh fish are moist. In old fish they are dry, covered with sticky slime, grayish-brown in color and smell bad. Healthy gills are of a nice, bright red color.
  4. Skin in live and fresh fish is moist, must be unharmed and have a naturally metallic glow. Scales must be tightly attached to the body. The surface of healthy, fresh fish must be tight and shiny so that fish slides out of your hands. Discoloration and cracked skin are signs of rotting fish. Old or bad fish has already started loosing its scales.
  5. Slime is equally distributed over the fish, it is clear and odorless. With bleeding, slime gets increased, murky and dirty and has a sour smell.
  6. The body of a fresh fish is firm and has a specific consistency and appearance. When pressed it should bounce back. Soft, grey and inelastic fish is old or bad.
  7. Belly of a live and fresh fish is shiny and undamaged, and the anal opening is tight. Anal opening of old and bad fish sticks out and is yellow-brown in color

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